Afoutayi Dance, Music, and Arts

Djenane Saint-Juste and Florencia Pierre standing together smiling
Florencia Pierre and Djenane Saint-Juste · Nik Linde

About Afoutayi: Afoutayi Haitian Dance, Music, and Arts is a performance company that promotes Haitian culture through music, art, dance, and history education. Ensemble founder Djenane Saint Juste is a renowned teacher, musician, dancer, and children’s book author. 

Program Description: Afoutayi presents an interactive, movement-based program that often incorporates call-and-response, body percussion, and an introduction to Haitian and Afro-Caribbean culture. Students will be introduced to a variety of instruments, learn some dance moves, and experience the power of storytelling through music. 

Sample Music: 

Supporting Materials Packet: Download here.

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Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment

This activity is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment’s Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund.

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