Box Cat (Elise Butler-Pinkam, Rob Morton) · Courtesy of the artist

About Box Cat: Box Cat Music are professional songwriters and teachers who create customized songs for a wide variety of occasions. The ensemble explores songwriting in a wide variety of genres (classical, punk rock, blues, folk, jazz) and helps students use fundamental music concepts to tell a story through song. Rob plays guitar and Elise plays cello. Both musicians sing and write songs. 

Program Description: Students will discover the art of songwriting through active participation in the process. Along the way, students will learn about genre, timbre, major/minor keys, and how to collaborate to write a song. By the end of the program, students will have collectively written an original song, and will be given the "homework assignment" to apply what they have learned by writing their own individual unique song. 

Supporting Materials Packet: Download here.

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