The Musicians of the Minnesota Wind Orchestra - Concert Artist

Musicians of the Minnesota Wind Orchestra

About the Musicians of the Minnesota Wind Orchestra: The Musicians of the Minnesota Wind Orchestra consists of three representatives of the newly-founded Minnesota Wind Orchestra. This trio includes clarinet, French horn, and bassoon. Spotlighting three wind instrument families found in the Wind Orchestra (single reed, double reed, and brass), the trio showcases the breadth of sounds that are found in a concert band. Sharing a wide range of music and musical perspectives, the trio performs works from the Western classical music tradition alongside new music created by diverse living composers.

Program Description: The Musicians of the Minnesota Wind Orchestra’s program will introduce each of the three instruments (clarinet, horn, bassoon) and demonstrate how each instrument produces sound, describing reeds, mouthpieces, wind, vibrations, and instrument size, shape, and material. From there, they will demonstrate how the trio can use music as a means of communication: communicating emotions, telling a story, having a “musical conversation,” and for advanced audiences, demonstrating how musicians communicate with one another during performance.

Supporting Materials Packet: Coming in August!

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