Nanilo artists Sarina Partridge and Sarah Larsson · Courtesy of the artist

About Nanilo: Nanilo sings traditional music of the Jewish diaspora in the songs’ original languages, including Yiddish, Russian, Ladino, and more. Nanilo’s work is rooted in conversation about ethnicity, migration, and culture. Members Sarah Larsson and Sarina Partridge bring a wealth of experience in community engagement work, leading music workshops, and K-12 classroom teaching. We love working with students of all ages to explore the experience of learning about cultural heritage through music.

Program Description: In their Class Notes Concert, Nanilo showcases the way music has moved through generations of immigrants arriving to North America. Students will hear tight vocal harmonies and a wide variety of languages. Nanilo loves to invite audience participation and frequently engages students through singing and movement. Each of the traditions included in a Nanilo performance has been passed from singer to singer as communities have immigrated across the world. They work with students to explore their own family heritage and songs they may remember or hold dear. 

Supporting Materials Packet: Download here.

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