About Siama’s Congo Roots: Siama Matuzungidi hails from DR Congo in Central Africa where the greatest export is music, influencing the birth of jazz and every genre since. Back in the day, Siama recorded hundreds of songs and toured the world with popular artists. Now based in Minneapolis, he's known for his intricate guitar, catchy songs (traditional Congolese-style, Congolese Rumba and Soukous), spirited singing and traditional African instruments. Siama's wife and musical partner, Dallas Johnson, is a vocalist and songwriter whose musical spirit came alive the first moment she sang Siama's music so she's passionate about sharing that experience.

Program Description: In their Class Notes Concert, Siama’s Congo Roots will go on a musical journey through the Democratic Republic of Congo. They will see and hear many instruments, including guitar, drum, balafon, mbira, and a variety of hand percussion. Students will get to sing along in Lingala and Kikongo. Students practice fun Congolese singing styles like repeating, call and response, layering and yodeling. They beatbox and hambone with Siama. Siama and Dallas foster a supportive, impactful learning environment where students gain inspiration and confidence to sing and make music. 

Sample Music:

Supporting Materials Packet: Coming in August!

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