About The OK Factor: Playful and unexpected, crossover duo The OK Factor writes and performs folk-inspired music influenced by multiple genres and styles, with an artistry that reveals their classical training. Cellist Olivia Diercks and violinist Karla Colahan find great joy in defying expectations and delivering an experience outside of what audiences anticipate from a cello and violin combo.

Program description: In their Class Notes Concert, The OK Factor presents "Harald And His Headphones,” an original, story-based program centered around a fictional character named Harald, who has his headphones on, listening to music. The OK Factor plays the music live as if Harald is scrolling through a playlist, switching between pieces from multiple genres. They tell the story of the memories and feelings the pieces bring up for Harald and use interactive elements to engage students in considering the role of music in their lives.

Sample Music:

Supporting Materials Packet: Coming in August!

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