Themed Lesson: Dinosaurs!

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Age Range: Elementary

Learning Objective: Students will have opportunities to create, respond, and connect to music inspired by dinosaurs!

Travel back thousands of years in this listening lesson about dinosaurs!

Scientists tell us that dinosaurs came in many shapes and sizes. Some were meat-eaters, others ate plants. Some were ferocious, others were peaceful and calm. Their behaviors and daily activities varied a lot.

Imagine three dinosaur scenes, described below with pictures, descriptive words, and music to provide a soundtrack.

T Rex

1. T. Rex vs. Triceratops

Wikimedia Commons

T. Rex


No one knows for sure, but paleontologists suspect that T. Rex and triceratops might have had some epic battles. Listen to the music below and imagine what it might have been like if these two fierce rivals got in a fight.

More dinosaurs

2. Soaring Pteranodon

Pteranodons (ter-AN-ah-dons) were known for using their long, narrow wings to smoothly glide through the air, sometimes over the ocean. Imagine you are soaring over the ocean, like a pteranodon, while listening to this music.

More dinosaurs

3. Brontosaurus goes to lunch

Brontosaurus was huge -- one of the largest animals to ever live on Earth. And because the Brontosaurus was so gigantic, it was also very, very slow. Can you think of a musical word that means very slow? Take a look at the Tempo Lesson if you need a reminder.

The Brontosaurus was an herbivore and ate only plants. It took a lot of plants to feed a body this big, so the brontosaurus spent most of the day wandering around slowly, nibbling leaves and shrubs.

Listen to this music and picture the scene. Imagine you are a brontosaurus and see if you can walk slowly to this music. It takes patience and control!

4. Can you think of some other dinosaurs? List their names or say them out loud. Think about what music would go along well with their behavior and activities.

5. Wonder what kind of dinosaur you would be most like? Take this dinosaur personality quiz and find out.

Learn about all sorts of different prehistoric animals here.

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