Dance Party: Groovy Beats

Several pineapples at a party
Pineapple Supply Co./Unsplash

Age Range: All Ages

Introduction: Moving and dancing are great ways to internalize steady beat. Use these music selections for your dance party playlist. Modify activities as needed.

Total Music Time: 17:48


  • Freestyle dance. Turning on the tunes and just dancing is always a great way to let your body find the steady beats.

  • Puppet dance party. A nice limited-mobility alternative for small spaces without a lot of room for dancing.

  • Streamers, scarves, and ribbons. Using these manipulatives to move to beat creates structure and a beautiful visual accompaniment.

  • Parachute. Have you used a classroom "parachute" before?  If you don't have one, a large bedsheet works too.  Parachute play is a great outlet for energy and kinesthetic movement. It can help develop self-regulation, coordination, and teamwork when applied to a rhythmic pattern.


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