Music & Geography: Polar Regions

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Age Range: Elementary, with modifications by age

Learning Objective: Students will learn several characteristics about the two polar regions and hear music inspired by these remote places.

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ENGAGE students

DISCOVER. Show students a map of the world. Ask them if they can guess where the two polar regions are. Show them this map and point out Antarctica at the bottom of the map and the Arctic (region above the red line) at the top of the map.

EXPLORE sounds

EXPLAIN. “The Arctic is the name for the area surrounding the North Pole. Antarctica is the area surrounding the South Pole.”

WATCH. Show students this video exploring the two regions. (5 min.)

LISTEN.  Watch one or both videos featuring Arctic-inspired music:

This video features ice as an instrument and is filmed in Norway. (5 min.)

This video features Inuit throat singing, a way of singing native to the Arctic. (3 min.)

LISTEN. Listen to the Penguin movement from Antarctica Suite for Guitar. (3 min.) While listening:

  • Grades K-2: Color this coloring page featuring polar bears and penguins.

  • Grades 3-6: Design and draw a home for Antarctica. What features would your home have? What animals might be around your home?

EXTEND learning

Choose one or more of the following activities to extend learning.

MOVE. Listen again to the Penguin movement and add some guided movement. Check out our Penguin Ballet Movement Guide for ideas and timing.

REVIEW. Read each statement below and ask the students to pick the correct region. Ask students to point up (“north”) if they think it is the Arctic and point down (“south”) if they think it is Antarctica.

  • “This region is a continent.” (Antarctica)

  • “This region is an ocean covered with ice.” (Arctic)

  • “This region has polar bears.” (Arctic)

  • “This region has penguins.” (Antarctica)

  • “This region has permanent human settlement.” (Arctic)

  • “This region has no permanent human settlement.” (Antarctica)

LISTEN. Learn more about Inuit throat singing in this video, or check out this animated video featuring ice instruments and Inuit throat singing!

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