Virtual Concert: Gaelynn Lea

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Gaelynn Lea, Songwriter and Violinist · Paul Vienneau

Age Range: Elementary, Middle School

Learning Objective: Students will listen and respond to original music by musician Gaelynn Lea.

At a Glance: Virtual Concerts give your students the opportunity to practice their audience skills and experience a wide variety of genres performed by professional, Minnesota-based musicians. As the teacher, you or one of your students can play the role of Concert Host narrating between each piece of music.

Teaching Tips: This concert is designed to be a simple, no prep lesson. It’s a great activity for a sub, lost-voice day, or to practice being an audience. Our Concert Guide provides ideas on how to customize the lesson for older and younger audiences.

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SAY. “Welcome to today’s virtual concert. Today’s concert features a songwriter and violinist from Duluth, MN named Gaelynn Lea.”

WATCH. “In this first video, listen as Gaelynn introduces herself and tells a little about her disability.” (3 min.)

SAY. “Let’s listen as Gaelynn plays a traditional fiddle tune called Southwind.” (2 min.)

SAY. “Gaelynn Lea frequently uses a looping pedal in her music. In the next video, she will explain how a looping pedal works.” (3 min.)

SAY. “Next, Gaelynn Lea will play a piece that features the looping pedal. Even though the song sounds a little sad, it’s actually a happy song about friendship. The song is called, Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun.” (5 min.)

SAY. “The next piece in our virtual concert is a duet, which means there is a part for us! We’ll watch the first minute and a half of the video to learn our part. Then we’ll pause the video and practice a little.”

Practice singing, “Bird, why do you sing? Fate has clipped your wings.”

SAY. “Now, let’s get ready to sing. Gaelynn will cue us when it’s time to sing.” (5 min.)

SAY. “Finally, Gaelynn Lea will review a few key ideas from her virtual Class Notes Concert.”

EXTEND learning

Choose one or more of the following activities to extend learning.

REFLECT. Write down or tell someone three things you learned from Gaelynn Lea’s concert.

DISCUSS. There are many kinds of looping pedals. Look at the picture below and explain how a looping pedal works.

Boss RC-50
Boss RC-50 Loop Station
Wikimedia Commons/Massygo

LISTEN. In 2016, Gaelynn Lea’s song about friendship, “Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun,” won a famous songwriting contest called the Tiny Desk Concert contest. Watch some or all of her Tiny Desk performance below:

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