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Age Range: Elementary

Learning Objective: Students will be able to identify the four voice types: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.

Free Download: Printable Lesson Plan: Voice Types

ENGAGE students

SING. “On the count of three, let me hear your voice. One, two three.” (Put your hand to your ear to give a clear visual cue, followed by a palm outstretched for a STOP sign.)

ASK. “What did you notice?” (Allow students to share a few observations.) “What if we hear just one person’s voice?” (Cue one student with the same start and stop signals.)

EXPLORE sounds

EXPLAIN. “Everyone has their own unique voice. No two voices sound exactly the same. But, all voices fall into a range. This means some voices can sing very high notes, some sing low notes, and some sing in-between. Today we will learn about four main voice types.”

LISTEN. This song features four different voice types. As you listen, notice whose voice is highest, lowest, and in the middle.”

LEARN. “Now we’ll meet each voice type, one by one. We’ll start with the highest voice- the soprano.” (Show Soprano Demonstration.)

LEARN. “Next, Alyssa will explain her voice type, alto.” (Show Alto Demonstration.)

LEARN. “Nick sings tenor.” (Show Tenor Demonstration.)

LEARN. “Matthew has the lowest voice type, bass.” (Show Bass Demonstration.)

REFLECT. “Can you list the four voice types, in order, from high to low?”

EXTEND learning

Choose one or more of the following activities to extend learning.

LISTEN.  Listen to the Mirandola Ensemble sing another piece together.

WATCH. Class Notes: How to Sing Well discusses voice types and gives tips on how to sing using good technique.

SING.  Check out this curriculum for additional ideas.

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