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Age Range: Elementary; suitable for anyone with an interest in developing a mindfulness practice

About Music & Mindfulness Videos: Each video in this series is 6-8 minutes and features guided breathing and mindfulness exercises paired with solo cello music. We recommend starting with RELAX if you or your students have never practiced breathing or mindfulness. 

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Ignoring emotions or situations can have a negative impact. In this video, intentionally focus on a problem and let go of the attachment to that problem.


  • Some students will love mindfulness and easily relax their wiggles and calm their breathing. For others, it may feel hard to be still and quiet and they may resist at first. We recommend continuing to try out mindfulness with your students in small, consistent doses.

  • Repetition is encouraged. Playing the same video several times will give students a feeling of mastery and help them develop mindful habits.

  • Expand any activity if you have time. Allow students to journal, color, or share after doing each video. We’ve included a bonus “Reflection Video” of cello music only to allow students time to draw, journal, or reflect.

  • Incorporate the breathing techniques learned into warm-ups at the beginning of class. Have a student lead it as they get comfortable with the breaths. Choose one and do it for a month. Consistency will promote regulation in the nervous system.

  • Stick with it! It can take months and even years to see concrete results in your students. However, that quiet, centering moment can mean the world to certain students whose lives outside the classroom do not allow for stillness, rest, or time to reflect.


Mindfulness is simply paying attention to what’s happening around you and within you without judgment. While adjacent to practices like yoga and meditation, mindfulness is not connected to any religion or tradition. Mindfulness utilizes neuroscience and an understanding of the nervous system to help rewire our brains and nervous system to operate optimally as students and humans. Mindfulness fits well with other Social Emotional Learning goals and helps promote self-regulation and a healthy nervous system in children and adults.


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To use our bonus reflection video of cello-only music, click here.

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